Game a Week: Week 42



I actually had the idea for this game last week, but as I hardly even  touched it before the week was over, I decided to push it off to this week. I wanted to make a game that was simple in concept but hard and confusing to play. I decided that a game where you had to use almost every button on your keyboard in order to play would fit that description incredibly well.

My idea was that the player would assume the position of someone who controlled every traffic light in a giant grid of roads. Each key on the keyboard would switch the traffic signal from allowing for traffic from one set of directions to the other and the goal of the game was to get as many cars to the other side of the board without letting them sit for too long (and thus become enraged).

What went right

I created what I set out to create, so that’s good.

What went wrong

This week was (as were the previous few weeks) incredibly demoralizing for me in the area of game development.  I feel angry and saddened at watching amazing people leave the industry and I’m personally having a difficult time remembering why I want to make games at all.

What I learned

I’m not sure what I learned this week. I didn’t try anything particularly new or difficult, and things worked out on par with how I thought the game would turn out. I think I need to either push myself to create something more difficult (in terms of my design skills) or something more personal (to work through the things that I’m feeling right now) in the next few weeks.

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