Local Multiplayer Pack

I’m excited to announce that today I’m releasing a pack of eight local multiplayer games that I created over my year long¬†Game a Week challenge! ¬†This pack of games is available for purchase on itch.io at $2.99 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

All of the games included in this bundle can be played with up to two players, and other than minor audio and visual tweaks (due to licensing) all of them are being released as they were at the end of their week long development cycle.

The games that are included in this bundle are:

Week 2: Super Exploding Block Battle EXTREEEEME
Week 8: Greedy Block Eater
Week 14: Rotating Arm Soccer Battle
Week 30: Mostly Pong
Week 36: Two Player Asteroids
Week 37: Chess, But With Bear Hands
Week 39: Two Player Snake
Week 50: Bullet Shield Battle

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