Indie Galactic Space Jam: Space Inc.

I recently participated in the second annual Indie Galactic Space Jam out in Orlando, FL. I was invited to speak by one of the organizers a few months ago and as I love game jams (and as most of my family has recently moved down to Orlando), I jumped on the chance to attend.

I arrived, gave a talk about how to jam effectively, and then attended the first night of the jam with a bit of uncertainty. As I’m currently a bit overloaded with work and a bit underloaded by motivation, I had a desire to just take the weekend easy. I went into the game pitch session thinking that I’d probably not jam and simply just work on my own stuff while physically attending the jam facilities.

However, then someone pitched a deck building game idea.

I’ve been playing a fair number of card and board games over the last few months, and have enjoyed the very small number of non-digital games I’ve created (I made two during Game a Week:Week 12 and Week 40 and then also once made a card game named Arba with Rami and Teddy that we never posted anywhere). So, I quickly jumped onto this team and work on a non-digital game for the weekend.

The game that was ultimately created was a deck building game where players control animal based corporations and compete to build a ground breaking space technology. I’m really happy with what we were able to create, and the jam version is available for you to play over on  There’s definitely a lot that we can improve in subsequent versions of the game, but for now, I think it’s a super fun game!

If you play Space Inc., please make sure to send any feeedback or questions or comments over to us (my email is on the page….or you can comment here…or you can tweet at any of us…or send a carrier pigeon).

Big thanks to the team for being awesome and making an awesome game: John Li, Carlos DonzeZach HelmsJess BrummerMatt CarltonAvery Willson, and Benjamin Wu!



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