Game a Week: Week 48

Week 48

Idea: I’ve spent the last few weeks feeling extremely exhausted. Not physically exhausted – just unable to think or motivate myself. My brain is simply tired.

When I first started this challenge almost a full year ago, I … more

Game a Week: Week 47

This week, I didn’t make a game.

The nice thing about this week, however, was that I accepted very early on in the week that I wouldn’t be able to make a game. Usually, even when I know I have … more

Game a Week: Week 46

Week 46

Idea: This week I was visiting family and living on a sailboat for part of the week. Because of these two things (mostly the seasickness, to be honest), I wanted to keep this week a little light. Also, … more

Game a Week: Week 45

Week 45

Idea: Quite honestly, I’m not entirely sure what sparked the initial idea for this week’s game*.  Something along the way made me think about space, which ultimately led to me thinking about orbits and gravity. Unlike Week 43more

Game a Week: Week 41

This was the first week since Week 29 that I didn’t make a game. Though slightly disappointed in myself that I didn’t find the time to crate something, I’m incredibly proud of myself for having a streak that long.

Basically, … more