Game a Week: Week 37

Week 37

Idea: I had a particularly busy week ahead of me this week, so I wanted to work on a game that wouldn’t take too much thought or work.

As I’m a naturally clumsy person, it only seemed natural … more

Game a Week: Week 36

Week 36

Idea: Continuing on my quest to gain knowledge of networked multiplayer systems, I wanted to spend this week working on a system where players could seamlessly drop in/out of a game revolving around one host player. Ultimately, I … more

Game a Week: Week 34

Week 34

Idea: The last few weeks have been busy and have left me feeling particularly drained. Ramadan has altered my daily schedule in an interesting way, contract work has been eating up a lot of my time, and the … more

Game a Week: Week 33

Week 33

Idea: As I had a particularly busy week this week, I wanted to create a simple/minimalistic game.  I began thinking about an astroids-style game where your ship remains stationary (other than rotation), which led me down the path … more

Game a Week: Week 32

Week 32

Idea: This week, I wanted to try my hand at  a horror game.  Horror is a genre of any medium that I’ve always had a soft spot for, and as I’ve never tried to create an experience like … more

Game a Week: Week 31

Week 31

Idea: In the spirit of branching out to features in Unity that I don’t use all that often, I decided that I wanted to create a game dealing with joints and hinges.  In addition to this over-arching goal, … more

Game a Week: Week 30

Week 30

Idea: E3 was busy. So much so that I didn’t really have a chance to seriously think about this week’s game until Sunday. I had a few ideas at the beginning of the week, including putting thought into … more

Game a Week: Week 28

Week 28

Idea: My original idea for this week was to create a dungeon crawler about fighting goblins. This was mostly based on a dream I had a few weeks ago about eating dinner in a mansion that was eventually … more