Game a Week: Week 41

This was the first week since Week 29 that I didn’t make a game. Though slightly disappointed in myself that I didn’t find the time to crate something, I’m incredibly proud of myself for having a streak that long.

Basically, with the final bit of a long road trip, PAX Prime, and a few other things occurring on the personal side of the games industry, I just couldn’t find the time nor the energy to dedicate towards creating anything.

I don’t have much else to say about why I didn’t create a game this week, but I do have a few words to say about PAX Prime itself.  Despite a lot of trepidations I had going into a PAX event this time around, it was an incredibly refreshing and uplifting experience.  I spent most of my time at PAX helping out at the Vlambeer booth (where we ate a bunch of cake), I was on two amazing panels (here and here), and I was able to reconnect with friends and colleagues who I haven’t seen in way too long.  I was going into PAX incredibly disheartened, and came out of PAX refreshed.

No matter how amazing an event is, when it ends I tend to get into a slightly depressive state. I beat myself up about how I’m not as good as everyone else, I start to miss the friends I won’t see for the next few months, and I just generally crash hard. This is the first event in a while that I felt ended on a high note for me, and that makes me feel pretty hopeful.

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