Game a Week: Week 47

This week, I didn’t make a game.

The nice thing about this week, however, was that I accepted very early on in the week that I wouldn’t be able to make a game. Usually, even when I know I have a busy week ahead of me, I push myself until I can’t stand it any more and begrudgingly call it quits somewhere about 5/7 of the way through the week (and feel terrible about myself the whole time).  This week, however, I looked at everything I wanted to fit in for the week and prioritized other things ahead of Game a Week.

I knew that I would be spending the first half of my week hanging out with my parents and my niece at Disney World in Orlando and the second half of my week speaking at and attending IndieCade in Los Angeles.  I also knew that dedicating time to making a game this week would mean that I would need to take away a large chunk of time that I could otherwise spend with my family as well as time that could be spent seeing new and amazing creations by a plethora of wonderful developers.

So, I decided to take a break this week and exhaust myself on fun and family instead.



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