Adriel Wallick is an independent game developer most recently based out of The Netherlands. Originally a programmer on the next generation of weather satellites, she decided to explore gaming as a developer instead of just an avid gamer.   She is best known for having made a game a week for an entire year as well as organizing the annual Train Jam game jam.

After spending time in the AAA games industry working on projects such as Rock Band Blitz, she gave it up to pursue independent game development and the joy of total creative freedom. Adriel is now traveling around, participating in and organizing game jams, working on several upcoming indie releases and developing her own personal projects.


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Adriel has spoken at a number of events of varying size throughout the United States and Europe and is available for future speaking engagements. Please direct all inquiries about availability for speaking at your event to adriel [at] msminotaur [dot] com.

Speaking Experience:

  • Nordic Game Jam 2016 – Copenhagen, Denmark: Using Constraints to Better Your Design Process
  • VideoBrains December 2015 – London, England: Games as Gifts
  • Game Developer’s Conference China 2015 – Shanghai, China: Game a Week: How to Succeed, Fail and Learn
  • Indiegalactic Space Jam 2015 – Orlando, FL: Lessons Learned From a Year of Jamming
  • IPGG May 2015 – Breda, The Netherlands: Lessons From Game a Week
  • Quo Vadis 2015 – Berlin, Germany: The tools, mindset and processes for doing a game each week for a year – and the lessons learnt from it
  • JoinGame Conference 2015 – Voss, Norway: Making games by heart
  • PAX East 2015 – Boston, MA: Indie Game Designers Modify and Play Werewolf
  • Game Developer’s Conference 2015 – San Francisco, CA: #1ReasonToBe
  • Game Developer’s Conference 2015 -San Francisco, CA: Ask The Experts: Professional Programmer’s Panel
  • Game Developer’s Conference 2015 -San Francisco, CA: A Year of Constraints: How Limitations Improved My Development Process
  • Purple Monkey Game Jam 2015 – Boston, MA: Keynote
  • Game Developer’s Conference Europe 2014 – Cologne, Germany: “Game a Week: How to Succeed, Learn and Fail”
  •  JOIN Local Multiplayer Summit 2014 – Berlin, Germany: “Some Words About Local Multiplayer”
  • IndieCade 2014 – Culver City, CA: “Collectives and Development Communities: Why its beneficial to start or join one!”
  • PAX 2014 – Seattle, WA: Game-Changers: Making Mid-Career Transitions & Awesome Games
  • Lost Levels 2014 – San Francisco, CA: “How to Dumb Idea”
  • University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA: Guest Lecturer for Richard Lemarchand’s “Experimental Game Topics” Course, Sprint 2014
  • University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA: Guest Lecturer for Adam Liszkiewicz’s “Introduction to Interactive Entertainment” Course, Spring 2014
  • Control Conference 2013 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands: “Coding to NASA’s Standards: Making Games the Space Way”
  • ZTG 2013 Panel – Poznan, Poland: “Indie in the World”
  • ZTG 2013 – Poznan, Poland: “Doing what you love to do: Making the Leap”


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